Take home chef services

More than your average task-force and consulting service.

Take home chef is a group of furloughed chefs and best friends trying to help one another and to create a fantastic experience for you.


Help your company succeed in the daily operations of this ever changing world. Covid-19 protocols enforced. Complete allergen matrix implemented. Maintain and strengthen daily operations. Develop your current team with hands on training, Menu and team revamp and leadership training. see inside for more details about what we can do for you.


Consulting and Business administration

Help define your business with hands on advice, coaching and SOPs . Custom designed specification sheets for all culinary outlets, these include the following. Business plans, electronic ordering guides, recipe and allergen sheets, all health and safety checklist, Covid19 checklist, HACCP, and portfolios

Private Chef and Catering

Need a chef for a private event or catering then feel free to contact. Vast experience with weddings and private dinners. Just need advice then call me . Caterers! Chefs or cooks not shown up for this very important day. Call me and I will be glad to get you through the day successfully.

I became tired of applying for jobs, getting ghosted and the lack of respect shown to candidates, I decided to change that .

Mark Timms

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Mark Timms-Chef Mexico and USA marktimms@hotmail.com

Chris Roth-Chef USA Chefroth57@Gmail.com

Franck Yabi-Chef London and Paris mashale75fyabi@gmail.com

Miguel Cucho-Chef London and Peru miguelangel.cucho@gmail.com

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