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Task-force and consulting

A honest approach-What I offer is a complete task-force, business strategy to help you succeed, this includes working hands on, all SOPs , developed- Menu, recipe and cost analysis sheets. All health and safety guidelines implemented including HACCP, Contracting vendors. Hiring and terminations, Training hands on and class room engagements. My goal is to develop your brand for ultimate success if you succeed my business succeeds, I offer one hour consultations and in-house temp contracts. If needed I can develop your Web page within a week for an additional small fee. ” I just want to see you succeed”.

Marketing, We can develop an ad to reach your target audience using all social media platforms. additionally build websites and videos to help you attract more customers. we also offer pro-bono, portfolios for chefs and cooks to help showcase their work to potential clients .

” Be Honest in all that you do”

my own personal philosophy

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